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Technology Doesn’t Have To Kick Your Butt

You can set up your own blog very simply and in no time at all!

Have You Tried To Muddle Through WordPress But You Can’t Make Heads Or Tails Of It?

Stop letting your fear of technology and the cost of a quality website keep you from moving your business forward!wordpress workshop

Give Me Just One Day…

And you’ll have a working business blog ready for profits with my simplified signature method for WordPress.

You Don’t Need To Get Mired Down And Stuck On Technology.

The WordPress Workshop in a Day is a virtual one day at home course where you’ll learn everything you need to know about quickly and easily setting up and maintaining your blog.  When the day is done, you will have a working blog site with all of the bells and whistles ready for business and to make money!

By Days End You’ll Have A Whole New Income Producing Skill Set.

If you want to, you’ll even be able to build sites for others, too!
The best thing about it is you need no technical skill and no coding required!

I’m Celene Harrelson and I’ve been online since 2007 and have built several businesses and dozens and dozens of WordPress blog sites.  I’ll share my secrets to building a WordPress blog super easy and super fast, even if your are freaked out by technology. 

In WordPress Workshop In A Day I’m sharing the secrets I use everyday to simplify my own business!

What Connie Ragen Green Says About Celene…
“Celene takes a confusing and often misunderstood topic and breaks it down into simple steps that make sense. I only wish that she had been around when I was trying to m
ake my first hundred dollars online to explain it all to me in such clear and concise steps. Having known Celene for over 2 years online and in person, I can tell you she is one smart lady. Her students are fortunate to be in such capable and caring hands. You are destined for success, Celene, and I am proud to call you my friend and colleague.”~Connie Ragen Green, HugeProfitsTinyList.com

In This Workshop You’ll Learn How To…

  • Purchase your domain name
  • Change our domain name server
  • Install a WordPress Blog in your cPanel
  • Install the WordPress plugins you need to manage your blog easily
  • Install your RSS feed
  • Connect your social media buttons
  • Add an opt in form to your blog

We’re Just Getting Started.  You’ll Also Learn…

  • How to make your blog search engine friendly
  • How to create a blog post
  • How to schedule blog posts to go out automatically in the future
  • How to make every post search engine friendly
  • Where to find content for your blog
  • How to create a personalized header for your blog
  • Create an About page and a privacy policy page
  • How to maintain your blog without hiring a web master


You Will Be Able To Use The Knowledge You Learn In This Workshop To Make Money Through Building Opt In Pages, Sales Pages, Niche Mini Sites, Affiliate Sites And Much, Much More!


  I’ve heard enough. I’m ready to sign up!


This Workshop Is A Step-By-Step Training…

    • You’ll watch me do each step as I share my screen with you, then you’ll implement each step.
    • By the end of the workshop you will have a fully functional blog site with all the main bells and whistles
    • You’ll be able to open be and ready for business and profits!
    • With a little practice you will even be able to set-up WordPress blogs for others and create income

 Here’s what Celene’s clients have to say…

Celene – I love your approach to teaching folks how to build an online presence.
Professional AND fun at the same time. Great!

~Patti Winker, RemarkableWrinkles

“Technology intimidates me, but Celene makes it simple. I don’t know how she does it, but when she show’s me how, I “get it”! I’ve learned so much about WordPress and marketing from her. I admire and appreciate the down to earth way she shares her knowledge and expertise and you will too.”

~Pattie Pilling, SkinnyandFabulous

“Celene is a superb mentor. She has helped me every step of the way and truly inspires and motivates me to move forward with my internet business. Her teachings are simple and easy to follow, which makes blogging and working online that much easier and fun. If you have a chance to work with Celene, take it!”
~Rev.Cat See, RelievePanicAttacksNow

So What Exactly Do You Get?

In This Workshop You’ll receive:

  • A step by step companion study guide
  • Eight – 30 minute recorded video classes 
  • Eight –  Checklists so you won’t miss a step, you can refer to them each time you create a WordPress blog
  • PLUS… You will also have unlimited email support with me personally for 30 days to get all of your questions answered

Your 10 BIG Bonuses Include:


  • A very special 30 minute Bonus Video “Ideas For Blog Posts and Turning Your Post Into Articles”  This is a class in itself and worth it’s weight in gold!  You’ll learn how to find content for your blog posts and how to re-purpose your content as well.

              A $47.00 value, FREE with this course!

  •  You get “Make Money With Your WordPress Blog”, from my Byte Size Training Series, this web class will show you many businesses you can build using WordPress along with the themes and plugins needed to make it happen!A $12.95 value, FREE with this course!
  • My “About Pages” Podcast –  MP3 of Celene and About Page Expert Anita Hampl discussing how to create an attention grabbing about page.
  • From my Byte Size Training Series, “Autoresponders Revealed” Video Web Class to help you set up and understand autoresponder!A $12.95 value, FREE with this course!
  • A “How To Use Menus In WordPress”  Video – this is a simple yet advanced method of controlling what others see on your site!
  • You’ll also get my video “Keyword Research Made Easy” to take the mystery out of finding the money making keywords you need to use on your website! 

              A $47.00 value, FREE with this course!

  • My “Keyword Cheat Sheet” Video to teach you how to organize your keywords so you don’t have to research them over and over again, saving you time and energy and we all need more of both, don’t we?

              A $47.00 value, FREE with this course

  • My “How To Make Banners and Headers For Your Website, Social Media Pages and Banner Ads” training video to show you how to make your own money saving graphics!
  • A handy WordPress Ping List.  WordPress will automatically notify these 150 search engines and directories every time you post to your blog so you will be indexed by quickly all over the internet!

    A $27.00 value, FREE with this course

  • Special Blog Post Ideas Swipe File

    A $17.00 value, FREE with this course

A value of $358.00 for only


Your 100% Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied simply,
contact us within 30 days for a prompt refund.

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You have Instant Access to the workshop, even if it’s 3 am!


Yes, I Want To Learn the MONEY MAKING



Remember, you get 30 days email support from me personally, and you have a risk free, no questions asked guarantee. So, why would you not want to learn quick and easy WordPress Workshop In A Day?

Stop circling your mountain and climb it!


 P.S.  Isn’t it time you stop banging your head on your desk and take complete control of your blog or website? With WordPress you’ll be able to create opt in pages and sales pages like this one!  Why pay a webmaster for something you can do yourself? In just a day, you’ll have turned a corner in your business. WordPress is a Google magnet and you’ll get better results for your marketing efforts using WordPress. 

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