How To Create A Squeeze Page and Build Your List Promoting Affiliate Products

Okay, how do you create a squeeze page and build your list promoting affiliate products?  Affiliate marketing is the best way to become profitable online quickly, but while promoting someone else’s products and furthering their business, are you building yours as well?

Affiliate marketing is a works well for most new Internet home businesses.  It enables you to create an income online while building your main business.   Building an online business is just like building a brick and mortar business.  It takes time to become profitable.  Why would anyone struggle making no money for the first year or two when there is an option to have online profits in the process of growing your main business?

Before promoting another’s product you should create a squeeze page or opt in page as it is called.  This is a landing page wihch has an opt in form to capture your lead’s first name and email.  The only information you are seeking at this time is first name and primary email.  You must offer a free giveaway to tempt your lead to subscribe to your list.  Once they do so, they get a freebie and you get to market to them as long as they are on your list.  This is how you grow a targeted responsive community of people who want to be in your space, but that’s the easy part. 

You must continually build a relationship with your list to keep them there

A squeeze page should have a “benefit” driven pre-headline, an attention getting headline
, the body should tell a story, be full of trigger words and tell the prospect what’s in it for them.  Your squeeze page should also have a call to action such as “Click here to get your free report.”  I suggest you use audio or video to tell your story which creates a higher conversion rate.  Once a person signs up for your offer you will then send them to the affiliate sales page through you affiliate link.

With a little practice you can learn to build quick and  easy squeeze pages in no time at all.

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How To Start An Internet Business On A Shoestring, Part 2

Part 1 of this article in the previous post I explained that whether you have a brick and mortar business that you want to take online, are a stay at home mom or you find yourself in need of supplemental or full time income, an online business is do-able with minimal investment.

Steps 1-3 covered choosing you business, your business model and your niche.  Now let’s continue.

Step #4
Get a website.  I recommend a blog.  A blog is an excellent way for your customers to get to know, like and trust you.  It gives them a glimpse of who you are and your values.  A blog is a great way to build a community of prospects and customers.  You can hire someone to set up your blog for you for a minimum investment and once set up, you should easily be able to maintain it.  You can install and set  up your own blog pretty easily if you want to.  If you have a little technical experience, it’s fairly easy to do.

Step #5
Offer a free giveaway to attract your target market and grow your email marketing list.  Collecting names and email addresses for your list is a hugely important and ongoing process in your business.  You will need a targeted responsive community of people to market to.

Step #6
Market, Market, Market! Marketing should be 60-70% of your job online. Being active on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, Linked In, joining forums in your niche, blogging, commenting on other popular blogs in your niche and article marketing are some of the most cost effective ways to get the word out about how you are and what you offer.

You can have the business of your dreams for a very small investment.  It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to get started online, you just have to get started.

If I can do this you  can too!

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