How To Use Twitter To Build Your Business

Twitter is an excellent way to connect with your community, find new prospects and get the word out about your business.  With more and more people using the internet as their primary means of keeping their hand on pulse of news and current events, Twitter is more valuable than ever.  If you are in business, you’ll need to learn how to use Twitter effectively.

First you will need to open a free Twitter account and choose a Twitter name.  Be sure to be true to your branding when selecting your name.  If your company and website use your name then you must follow suite.  If your business has a name Sears or Fashion Bug, then you will want to use your business name there as well.  Keep your branding consistent in everything you do.

Now you must set up your profile.  Use the logo or photo that you use in your other branding.  Again stay consistent.  You want people see your logo or photo and recognize you.  If Nike used a photo of the CEO of the company’s dog or your kids you would have no idea what company it was, would you?  Of course not.  You know them by their logo and their “Just do it” slogan.  The same applies for your own business branding.  However, remember that Twitter is used for relationship marketing.  If you are marketing yourself and what you do within that company or you are the company, you may want to use your own photo and name.

Now you will need to write a Bio about yourself or your company.  If you are the company simply use a good keyword rich tagline and perhaps a bit about your interests.  Then you will put in your URL or giveaway.  If you are in Affiliate Marketing, this is a perfect place to put the link to the opt in page of what you are currently promoting.

Next you can change the background if you choose. This option will be in your settings.  You can also have a web designer add your logo to the background.

You will want to select a number of people to follow.  Pick people in your niche.  To find people to follow, type in names or key words associated to your niche in the search bar to get started.

Now you are ready to tweet.  Tweets are up to 140 characters long.  It can be a challenge to say what you want to say in only 140 characters, but it’s usually not a problem.

Remember you’re goal is to build relationships.  It’s called a social network because that’s what it is designed for. So be social.  Engage people, tweet things of interest, be interested in what others have to say and reply to others often.  Make conversation, get to know people and have fun.  You are not there to blast the link to your products constantly.  It’s alright to do so, but you must do more engaging than selling.  People buy from those they know like and trust.  Get to know others and the sales will come.

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Celene Harrelson, Living Life Intentionally For a Happier Healthier Mind, Body and Business! Happy wife, mom and grandma who loves the Lord. Wellness and home business coach, natural supplements advocate, Plexus Gold Ambassador and leader, Network marketing coach, social media expert. Loving life!


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