A Viable Internet Business Model…Copy and Paste Jobs and Opportunities – Do They Exist?

By Guest Contributor,  David J. Boozer

Are there online copy and paste jobs and opportunities? Do they really exist? How do these jobs and opportunities really work? What is expected of you? Here are the real facts and fiction behind the copy and paste online income phenomenon. Copy and paste “jobs” and opportunities are as easy to find online as your it is for finding your friend on Facebook. However, there is a lot of hype and somewhat misleading information on these particular Internet based programs and I hope to shed a little light for you and give you the facts and fictions of this particular industry.. When it comes to the economy today many are looking for a job, and many are also looking to get ahead online on the side as well. The copy and paste platforms do have some very tantalizing sales copy that does sound like a real job, but in reality these are simply “opportunities” rather than a job. Now do not get me wrong, there are a few jobs that only require this simple copy and paste request, but they are very, very rare. The opportunities however are extremely abundant and plentiful and to tell you the truth, quiet lucrative if you can find one that truly is as simple as copy paste. The Facts of Copy and Paste “Jobs”
Once again, they are not truly jobs as much as they are opportunities. These programs that you will see on high traffic websites do promote a sense of urgency. They also promote an income most would not believe, therefore they blink and then say to themselves, “whatever” or “scam”. Actually, most opportunities online are NOT SCAMS, they are only called scams by those who do not know better, but then again, some are awful.
The reason most people shrug off these ads is because for the most part they are NOT AS LUCRATIVE as it describes. As another matter of fact, most of these opportunities require much more effort than copying and pasting an advertisement or whatever it is. While this is not really a bad thing investing into an opportunity or business online, it is bad if the system is not all cracked up to be what it stated. There are some opportunities however that are what they say they are and can provide a solid stream of income from home. And although they are hard to find, it is best to ask questions and complete your due diligence before joining any of them.
The fact is that there are many opportunities online that are REAL and do WORK. Some who think that everything is a scam can and have the right to believe so, why they still look we are all wondering. Each opportunity or so-called online “job” require effort, and most will require some amount of investment, and I am speaking monetarily. The one biggest fictions many of us who are successful online have seen is the “get rich quick” sales copy. While you can generate a sizable income online, it takes effort.
Whether it is copy and paste or creating real content online effort and time is the real investment you WILL HAVE TO MAKE. Whether you believe you can make and generate an income online does not matter, why? Because many of us do every single day. Now you might think that some are getting rich “off” of other people and in some cases you would be correct. But, and this is a BIG BUT ( that’s funny, big but ), for the most part they are not. Seriously. Even the copy and paste jobs and opportunities that are legitimate are promoting things people already purchase almost every day.
Copy and paste opportunities online. Some of these copy and past opportunities can require a little more than copy and paste. Many of them are actually based within a network marketing frame. To truly build a solid income would take effort in building your business and partnering with others. Is this a bad thing? NEVER. This is actually a chance to grow your business exponentially and increase your income, kind of like giving yourself a raise. Few copy paste opportunities retain multiple streams of income generating potential within themselves. This is even a better business opportunity for the individual as you can simply choose what you want to promote and how you want to promote.
While there are only a tiny amount of these opportunities online they are growing and more are coming so be patient. No matter what the business opportunity is online, it is extremely important to complete your DUE DILIGENCE before investing any money and especially…your time. Most people who fail even at these simple opportunities usually fail because of a lack of understanding what is truly required of them. Still, there are many who succeed every day through copy and paste opportunities, it’s really not that difficult and it beats working. When you break down the facts and fiction of the copy and paste opportunities online you will see that although you may have been right with some, you were wrong with others. What I mean is this, there are many real copy and paste income generating programs that work, if you work them.
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 Let us know if you have any experience in this internet business model in the comments. What do you think of it?

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