8 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Network Marketing Company

network marketing Network Marketing is a very noble profession. Simply put, it’s a way to get a quality product to the consumer without the massive advertising and distribution expenses required to sell these products in stores. Instead they pay their distributors to get the word out. There’s usually a minimal investment to become a distributor and you get paid on not only what you sell, but what the people you’ve sponsored in your downline sell as well. The bigger your downline gets, the more money you make and the bigger business you build. Whether you want to make enough money to pay your car payment, supplement your retirement or build wealth, multi-level marketing can do this for you.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right network marketing company:

1. Be sure you are in love with the products. If you don’t love them and use them regularly, how can you ask others to do it?

2. The products should be consumable or need to be replenished often. You don’t want to represent a product that your customers need to buy only one time and that’s it. You’re doomed from the get-go if they don’t need to buy frequently. It would just be too hard to start from zero month after month. You need to be able to build a good base of autoship customers to ensure a steady income. They are your bread and butter.

3. Be sure the company is rock solid. A well established company of at least 2+ years is a much better bet than a brand new one.  New companies come and go. If they are here a while, it’s a pretty good chance that they are here to stay.

4.  Be sure that you do not have to purchase a lot of inventory each month. I prefer a company that only requires you to buy your personal product to stay in business. My own company only requires $100 a month in personal product to stay in the game. I’m very comfortable with that. Where else can you build a business for $100 a month?

5. Be sure they offer a good compensation plan. Every company is different. Some direct sales companies pay 10-15% commission on sales with no other compensation to go along with this. Most good companies will offer other income producing options in their plan to make it simple to make more than just your commission on sales, such as autoship bonuses, new distributor bonuses, rank advancement bonuses, car bonuses, trips and more!

6.  Make sure that the network marketing company you are joining has ethics and integrity that align with the yours.

7.  Really like your sponsor and upline. If you don’t enjoy working with them, how’s that going to work out?

8. Check to see if there is a lot of training from the company and your upline. Training and product/opportunity meetings are so important. They don’t have to be in person, they can be in a Google Hangout, on Skype or by phone, but ongoing training is a must for success. It’s also very important that you have a regular event to take your prospects to so they can see the bigger picture.

If you follow these guidelines, you should be well on your way to finding the right network marketing company.

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  1. While choosing a Comapny to work with you should look at their reputation and the quality of product. You do not want to promote a product you are not sure about or a Company you are not proud to be associated with.


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