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low carb lasagna

Easy Low Carb Lasagna

Low Carb Ingredients: Slice 2 sheets of low carb Lavash Bread to about the size of lasagna noodles. 1 smallish zucchini sliced thinly longways similar to lasagna noodles. Cottage Cheese or Ricotta cheese 1 Jar of low carb marina sauce Mushrooms – canned or fresh. I used fresh because I had them. 1 lb. seasoned […]

low carb diet

Getting Started On A Low Carb Diet

As you already know if you've been following my blog, I've been working on converting to a healthier lifestyle for a few years now through eating, exercise and natural health supplements. I first started when I was introduced to some pretty amazing health supplements about 3 years ago and have used … [Read More...]


Protected: How To Build Your Plexus Business On Facebook

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … [Read More...]

speaking God's Word

Bible Verses That Will Help You Grow A Strong Business

God's spoken Word has living power.   In looking for scripture to speak over my business I came across a couple of blog posts. Here's one from The Social Media Hat Christianity In Business - 54 Bible Verses To Study And this one on the Seed Time blog... 24 Scritpures (Bible Verses) … [Read More...]

gut health

Wait Is That Normal…What Your Body Is Trying To Tell You

You've heard that 80% of your immune system is in your gut. Well, that's exactly right. If your gut flora is out of balance, meaning too much bad bacteria that overtakes the good, then you are likely experiencing all kinds of health issues and symptoms that you would never relate to gut health. … [Read More...]

healthy veggies

Healthy Eating Tip – Prepping Quick and Healthy Food

When's the last time you grabbed an unhealthy food choice instead of a healthier one because you were in a hurry, famished or just didn't feel like cooking a time consuming meal? This will totally sabatage your healthy eating or weight loss plan. Make it easier on yourself and your family by … [Read More...]

home business opportunity

A Legitimate Home Business For Under $20.00! Seriously?

Over the years I've spent many thousands of dollars on learning how to build a home business online. I've invested a wheelbarrow full of cash on courses and training, set up fees, websites and software, business tools, customer management systems and shopping carts. Then there's inventory to buy and … [Read More...]

healthy bread to  lose weight

Can You Eat Bread And Still Lose Weight?

Full Plate Living recently posted an article from Diana Fleming, PhD co-author of Full Plate Diet and nutritionalist for them. This article talks about how to eat bread and still lose weight. She gives us the top 3 brands of  lower carb and healthier breads for weight loss and the runners up. All … [Read More...]

network marketing - know your why

Know Your WHY Or Know Why You Are Failing In Network Marketing

A friend and colleague in my MLM company and I recently attended a network marketing training where one of the Diamond Ambassadors were talking about what it takes to have MLM success. She said... My friend later told me she was very afraid that she would never get her business to grow any … [Read More...]


MIA In A Good Way

It's been a while since I've posted on The Happypreneur Blog. I've had good reason. I would not have been authentic, that it wouldn't come from a place of integrity.  But I'm going to explain that now as candidly as I can. As an Internet Marketer, Network Marketer and Network Marketing Coach I … [Read More...]

facebook-tips for network marketing

Facebook Tip #2 – Posts That Get Lots Of Comments And Interaction

Are you wondering if anyone even sees your Facebook posts? If you are getting very little intereaction on your timeline, maybe no one is seeing them. Facebook only shows your posts to approximately 7% of your friends. I know, who do they think they are, right? They are Facebook, the big boys, the … [Read More...]

facebook-tips for network marketing

How To Add Lots Of Friends And Avoid Facebook Jail

Facebook is notorious for throwing you in Facebook jail if you add friends in the wrong way. Don't make that mistake. In this Facebook Tips video series, you will learn how to add friends to increase your marketing results without being spammy or get yourself thrown in Facebook jail. Take a … [Read More...]


Easy Social Media Tips For Your Network Marketing Business

Using social media to get leads, customers and recruit new people to your team can be fun and easy if you follow a few simple guidelines. If you follow a few basics social media tips, then you can add to your knowledge base and experience on social media as you go. Do it all wrong and you'll … [Read More...]

virtual business card

Networking Marketing Tips If You Are Afraid To Network

Some people tremble in fear thinking about networking and making contacts for their Network Marketing, MLM or direct business. It doesn't have to be something to fear. We chat with people when we are out and about all the time, right? Networking is nothing more than having a conversation and … [Read More...]

Using Social Media to Build Your List – Doable 17

Using Social Media to Build Your List - Doable 17 Here we are at day 14 of the 'Build Your List with 30 Daily Doables' Blog Tour. Yesterday we learned how to set up an opt in page on our website.  It is definitely worth a read if you haven't set on up on your site yet. A full list of the blogs we … [Read More...]

Network Marketing Mojo Podcast #4

Network Marketing Mojo Podcast # 14 – Should You Be Blogging?

[display_podcast] If you are in Direct Sales or Network Marketing and you want to build your business online, you're gonna need a blog.  Listen to this podcast to find out why and how to get started blogging. Be sure to register for my FREE webinar on blogging for your business here. If you … [Read More...]


Why Blogging Is Good For Your Home Business

So, you're on the fence about whether starting a blog for your direct sales network marketing business.  Is it really necessary? Should you go to all that trouble since you already have a replicated company website? What to do? What. To. Do. Here is an infographic I found over at … [Read More...]

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